“Partnering with Mid Atlantic Unified Health Systems has been very valuable to Liberty Hospital. They bring extensive experience in the development and operation of freestanding MRI centers and have been outstanding in working with us to provide quality, timely services to our patients and physicians. I have found their staff to be flexible and innovative. The combination of our knowledge of the local area and their overall knowledge of the field has been most effective.”

Joseph Crossett
CEO, Liberty Hospital

“This is the only partner that the hospital has been involved with that has actually surpassed my expectations for performance and actually fulfilled all of their commitments. I recommend them without hesitation and would consider working with them on any future project they become involved in.”

Michele Cunningham
CEO, Highlands Hospital

“Our affiliation with Mid-Atlantic proved to be very valuable as we worked together to provide a newly equipped outpatient imaging facility to our physicians, while maintaining our high quality standards.”

Dr. Bruce Bush
VP of Medical Affairs, Indiana Regional Medical Center

“Partnering with Mid-Atlantic Unified Health Systems has proven to be an extremely successful business decision. The center provides MRI services to our patient population that is second to none. The financial success of the center can be attributed to its operational excellence and strong marketing efforts.”

John Andursky,
CFO, Highlands Hospital


“Mid-Atlantic has proven to be an excellent business partner for providing MRI services within our community. They are focused on quality service to our patients and on achieving business success. I am particularly impressed with their marketing efforts, with their responsiveness to our needs and with their resolve to make this partnership a success.”

Judy Scott, CFO
Cushing Memorial Hospital

“Frederick Memorial Health System has had a partnership with Mid-Atlantic since May of 2002. We decided to enter into a joint venture for Open MRI at that time because we recognized a growing demand for the service and a competitor was building market share. However, we had recently invested significant capital into other imaging modalities and were just embarking on a major facility project on the hospital campus. We didn’t feel we had the capacity to enter the “Open MRI” market but did not want to pass up the opportunity either. Mid-Atlantic provided us with a demonstrated expertise to rapidly bring the service into operation. Mid-Atlantic handled everything to get us started, it was a very smooth transition and implementation. Over the past 5 years we have seen the service grow and become a well-respected provider in the community, I appreciate the leadership and attention to our partnership that the Mid-Atlantic team brings to

Bill Pugh
Executive Vice President & CFO Frederick Memorial Hospital, Inc.

“The Health System had a strong desire to further expand our outpatient diagnostic imaging services to include an open MRI. We partnered with Mid-Atlantic and acquired an already existing independent facility which had been operational for many years in our market. Mid-Atlantic’s experience and knowledge was key in its ability to facilitate the acquisition and create a joint venture between the Health System and Mid-Atlantic. The resulting center not only filled a need in our services, but provides a high quality of service to our community and physicians.”

Glen Riley
Program Director of Ancillary Services
David Shulik, CFO
UPMC Horizon Health System

“It was important for our health system to incorporate an outpatient imaging center as part of our healthcare delivery system. As a result of partnering with Mid-Atlantic, we acquired a facility which had been operating in our market for a number of years. Mid-Atlantic provided experience and expertise in completing the acquisition, as well as the upgrading of the facility. Through our relationship a new high quality outpatient facility was made available for our medical staff and area patients.”

Steve Wolfe
President & CEO, Indiana Regional Medical Center